Arttrain has, since 2014,  mainly been working in the 2 directions a & b below, but during 2021 &-22 a third way has occured, which is professional development projects for young artists in order to increase their job-possibilities.

a) projects created by the young Arttrain-team and following the agreements within Drums for Peace-network

b) projects which are supporting the school-cooperation "Exchanges for All" and so are offering free mobilities in school-time to students from 8th grade.

2023-projects: The podcast-project "Hello World" continued during 2023 with making podcast on                           topics chosen and described by young people age 14 from 7 different countries.

                         "Art as Art & Art as a Tool" (AAAT) was, in the same way as JfYA in 2021, a                                     professional development projects for young artists in order to increase their job-                           possibilities. Here you may see the Open Call and some photoes from the                                       project, which was supported by Nordplus and worked in DK, SE & FI.



16-23.9:            "North in Europe" at Stubbekøbing School was a contribution to the European 

                         school-cooperation "Exchanges for All"  

14-21.10:          "WWB-2020/Welcome-Wilkommen-Bienvenue" at Vordingborg youth-hostel 

15-22.10:          "Hello World" podcast-training in Finland                                                         24-28.10:         "Dance for the Future" training-course at Vordingborg youth-hostel

2021-projects: The strategic partnership "Jobs for Young Artists" (JfYA) for 20 young, professional                          artists was launched 1.7.202 and received by 1st October 120 applications for                                being one of the 20 participants at the planned performance-tour, which,                                        despite Covid-19, was implemented during 5 weeks in April-May 2021.