Today Arttrain is working mainly following 2 directions:

a) projects created by the young Arttrain-team and following the agreements within Drums for Peace-network

b) projects which are supporting the school-cooperation "Exchanges for All" and so are offering free mobilities in school-time to students from 8th grade,

2020- & 2021-  The strategic partnership "Jobs for Young Artists" for 20 young, professional      projects:           artists was launched 1.7.202 and received by 1st October 120 applications for                             being one of the 20 participants at the planned performance-tour, which,                                     despite Covid-19, was implemented during 5 weeks in April-May 2021.

                         Due to Corona-virus/Covid-19 the youth-exchange "WWB-2020/Welcome-                                   Wilkommen-Bienvenue" was postponed and will first take place in 2022.

                         The other approved youth-exchange "North in Europe" was also postponed, but                           had a very successfull online project happening 21-25.9.2020.

                         The last week in August 2020, 3 Arttrain- & Drums for Peace artists, Daniela                               Stoian, DJ Booma & Clara WO implemented together with Mr. Bo the Zoom- &                             Facebook-project "Uniärmeed in Diversity" based on a song by Mr. Bo.

                         In September 21 Arttrain did, in cooperation with Galleri Wärme (Arttrain's                                 former office) implement a row of events, which, with support from Danish                                 Ministry of Culture, a.o. were involving some JfYA-artists as well as Drums for                             Peace workshop-leaders.


26.5-1.6            Learning by Doing - for 8th grade school-students, at Schloss Bröllin (DE)

Oct-Nov.            Arttrain coordinasted the strategic pasrtnership "Reach Out", which was about                            "workshops in schools with artists from another country" and was followed by 2                          researchers from University College Absalon: 


30.6-7.7            Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenue  Youth-exchange near Gdansk, PL. Age: +18

21-28.9             Learning by Doing - for 8th grade school-students, near Gdansk, PL

13-20.10           Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenue  Youth-exchange at Samalniemi, FI Age: +16


30.7-6.8            BRIDGES-2017                             Youth-Exchange in Sakskøbing, DK


                        Building Bridges                            4 EVS-volunteers at CultHus

29.5-4.6            Building Bridges                            Youth-exchanges at Stubbekøbing School

19-24.9             Building Bridges                            Youth-exchange in Liepaja, LV