Jobs for Young Artists

A strategic partnership with financial support from EU-program Erasmus+,

which in 2023 will have a kind of follow up with the project "Art as Art & Art as a Tool",

which is developed a coordinated by 3 participants from JfYA.

"Jobs for Young Artists"

10 organisations from 9 European countries are partners in the project,

and by 1.10.2020 we had received 120 applications from young artists

and did select 20 for "Baltic Sea Youth Performance Tour"

The performance "Dreams & Nightmares for Young Artists" is now being developed

coordinated by our external director Thomas Corneliussen (DK)

and assistant director Karoline Severinsen

But Covid-19 made it impossible

to tour around The Baltic Sea,

as it has destroyed so many things and especially cancelled a lot of planned jobs for artists.

So, in order not to give up

we decided, instead, to implement a small Danish tour

around The Great Belt and then fundraise for a future tour North in Europe.

Here is the staff for Jobs for Young Artists